Falls do happen, but what can you do?

Four out of five falls  (80%) cause no injury. Some people need some help to recover and to get back on their feet. The IndeeLift Human Floor Lift (HFL) is a revolutionary product that assists individuals who have fallen to the floor and struggle to get up. The IndeeLift HFL helps three distinct user classes: residential and commercial use, professional healthcare, and emergency medical services personnel.

At home, the HFL raises a fallen person up to 30”(model dependant). They help preserve the dignity, safety, and independence of the fallen individual. It also prevents injuries to those supporting the victim back on their feet.

For professional healthcare, the HFL replaces cumbersome sling-style lifts, helping patients get to their feet quickly. HFL’s can be employed to transfer a person to a bed or wheelchair without a lift team. The HFL also eliminates the risk of back injuries to the care providers and is much simpler to operate than using slings and suspending the patient in mid-air.

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HFL's by IndeeLift

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