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Let’s face it; HFLs are expensive, and we all want affordable power lift chairs. It will be one of the most significant investments you will make that is just for you. When I purchased mine, the US exchange was at 32.5%, totaling $3107.13. I used a credit card to order it and made payments of $300 per month. This way, the lift is paid off in 11 months. After doing research and tons of investigation, I found ways to make owning a Human Floor Lift even more affordable for all Canadians.

I have removed all extra commissions on all consumer models. You now pay exactly what IndeeLift sells the HFLs in the US for. You will never pay more, I guarantee it.

Classified as a Medical Device (Patient Lift) in Canada, and there no taxes are charged, making them more affordable power lifts. Here is a link to the Revenue Canada – Medical and Assistive Devices – GST/HST memorandum 4.2.

As a value-added service, I will post your used IndeeLift on this website for free. People are always asking for used lifts before purchasing a new one. So if you sold your lift within seven years, and depending on the model, you could receive up to $3100 back. Click here to see more details and how much you can get back on your lift.

One final tip, you can claim the full cost of your lift purchase as a non-refundable tax credit on next year’s tax return. Below is the tax language from the CRA’s website. I suggest you speak to your doctor in order to obtain a prescription.

CRA Language Lift or transportation equipment

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