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The Human Floor Lift (HFL) from IndeeLift, can help people rise from the floor to a height of 21 inches. The HHL is a device that can support up to 400 pounds. The HFL-300 will support a person up to 300 pounds (136 kg). The HFL-400 will support a person up to 400 pounds (180 kg). HFL’s be used to help people up from the floor, but they can also be used to get someone safely lower a user to the floor. The HFL makes getting onto the floor safer and simple.

The HLF is a portable unit with its rechargeable power supply. It can be moved to the user needing assistance. The HFL comes with a lithium-ion battery pack that can last for about ten lifts, depending on the lift weight. It can also be used with the AC charger plugged into any standard 110-volt outlet. The HFL is powered by a 29.9v DC Lithium battery. A full 8-hour charge is recommended before use.

Each HFL includes swive and removable arm supports, providing a stable base for the user.  It weighs only 50 lbs and is easy to wheel around. The seat is beveled, making it easy to slide on and off the lift.

Optional is the HFL-300-D/400-D which includes a pair of assistive safety belts and mounting hardware. These belts provide additional safety when lifting a non-ambulatory individual, has minimal upper and lower body strength or paralysis. (This recommended configuration to increase the usefulness for future needs.)

The push-button wired remote has a six-foot coiled cord. The remote has graphics indicating the up and down functions and can be stored on the handle with an included hanger clip. Macking the HFL accessible to be self-operated or operated by a caregiver.

The HFL has been designed to meet the recommendations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This lift is mobile and is easily rolled to any place, and requires minimal storage space in your home.

The Human Floor Lift is an essential piece of equipment for anyone at risk of a fall. As we age, we like to remain independent in our homes. It is an excellent option for anyone prone to falling, especially those that do not want to rely on anyone for assistance. Order your HFL today!



Particulars                            HFL-300 Specifications              HFL-400 Specifications

Safe Working Load                             300 lbs                                                   400 lbs

Maximum Length                               21″                                                            21″

Maximum Height (Low)                    34″                                                           34″

Maximum Height (High)                  52″                                                            52″

External Width                                    15″                                                            15″

Maximum Seat Height                       21″                                                            21″

Wheels                                                   5″                                                              5″

Total Weight                                        52 lbs                                                       56 lbs

Lithium-Ion Battery Pack                 Standard                                                 Standard

Power Pack                                          1.5lbs                                                       2.2lbs

Electrical Specifications

Standard 2-prong                              110V AC Power 9’ cord                      110V AC Power 9’ cord

Operating environment                >+5°C <+40°C                                        >+5°C <+40°C


The HFL and all components have a one-year warranty.

Product Video's

IndeeLift HFL consumer model.

IndeeLift HFL-300/400 Functional Overview

Watch the IndeeLift Human Floor Lift in Action


Product Data Sheet – HFL-300 – HFL-400 (w D)



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