Let’s face it, a new Human Floor Lifts is an expensive investment, and to top it off, they may not see a lot of use. People are always asking for used lifts before purchasing new just for these reasons.

As a value-added service, I will post your used Indeelift on this website for free.

New vs Used Prices - update June 2022
All prices shown are in US dollars.

Above is a basic pricing chart that can be used to help you price your used lift. Remember to add any extra costs such as shipping to your price.

To list it, send me an email containing the following, and I will be happy to post it here. Send me an email to info@jamlift.ca with the subject of Please List, including the following details:

  • Email Address – is not posted
  • Your address – will only post City, State/Pro will be listed
  • The price you to list your lift for
  • Lift model and age
  • Short Description of the Condition and working status
  • Is the item available for local pickup
  • At least one photograph of the lift – no stock images

The Price + Shipping – (due to the size and weight you may have to use FedEx Ground)

How it works

The customer contacts me and I contact the seller to get the shipping cost. (Shipping costs can range from $150-$250 USD) Once the price is accepted, I will invoice the customer to use my credit card processor to accept payment from the purchaser.

The seller will need to provide a tracking number when shipped. I will hold all funds until confirmation has been received of delivery. This is to ensure that there are no unseen issues for the purchaser.

I will post your device for free and charge a commission of 8% on the sale of your lift.


  • IndeeLift front view with both arms partially raised
    Used IndeeLift-300-D
    Product on sale
    USD $2,000.00


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